Medvezhonok Abandoned Resort Construction, Sudak

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360° VR panorama in a circular room at the northern end of the administrative building of the abandoned Medvezhonok (Медвежонок) resort in Sudak, Crimea. The resort complex, located on the coast to the east of Sudak, consists of several buildings, all of which have been left unfinished. Today they are occasionally used for paintball games. One of the unfinished apartments is lived in.

In this unfinished room sections of brick wall have been broken and the floor is littered with pieces of broken brick and concrete. Strips of metal hang from the walls at various points.

South-west Cape Alchak, Sudak

Posted Under: 360° Panorama, Crimea, Europe, Sudak, Sudak municipality, Ukraine

360° VR panorama from the trail around Alchak, near Sudak, Crimea. Cape Alchak (Мыс Алчак; Mis Alchak), also known as Mount Alchak (Гора Алчак; Goda Alchak) is a small mountain located to the south-east of Sudak. Its name comes from Crimean Tartar and means ‘low’, a suitable name with the mountain’s peak being 152 metres above sea level.

Alchak is only 1 km in length and 600 m wide. In 1988 the area was declared as a nature reserve in order to preserve the valuable flora and geology of the mountain. A reasonably well kept path runs round the edge of the cape.

Fishing from the rocks of Alchak is a popular pastime, in this image several fishermen can be seen. Also visible is the Devil’s Bridge (Чертов мостик; Chertov Mostik), a small wooden bridge that crosses a shallow but steep precipice. The name comes not from the current bridge, but rather the previous bridge, which consisted of an iron wire.

Demerdzhi mountain and Funa Fort in Autumn

360° VR panorama looking out over the valley from Funa Fortress in Crimea. The valley below is filled with trees in their autumn colours.

From the viewpoint you can see the village of Lavanda to the south-west, Luchyste village to the south-east, and the city of Alushta can just be glimpsed in the distance. Nearby are part of the ruins of Funa Fortress.

Funa Fortress was a medieval Feodorite fortress located near the foot of South Demerdzhi mountain. The fortress was built in 1423, but later destroyed by the Ottomans in 1475. Today only ruins of the fortress remain.