Outside The Hub, Edinburgh

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360° VR panorama outside The Hub, in Edinburgh, Scotland. The building is located at the end of the Royal Mile, its Gothic spire towering over the surrounding buildings.

The Hub was originally constructed for use as a General Assembly hall for the Church of Scotland, when it was known as the Victoria Hall. It was built between 1842-5 and was designed by architects J Gillespie Graham and Augustus Pugin.

Today it is used as the home of the Edinburgh International Festival. It hosts a cafe-restaurant, two smaller rooms used for events, and the large hall, which has a capacity of 420.

Other notable buildings nearby include St Columba’s Free Church of Scotland, to the south-east. It was constructed between 1846 and 1846, and was originally named St. John’s. In 1907 the Church became the Free Church of Scotland’s Assembly Hall, and was renamed as St. Columba’s.

To the east is the Lawn Market, a continuation of the High Street. It was originally part of the High Street, until 1477 when this section of street was designated for sales of inland merchandise, such as cloth. The street was filled with stalls from a variety of sellers. Today the stalls are gone, and the Lawn Market features mostly shops aimed at tourists.

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