Schloss Hohenschwangau Castle Chapel of Christ the King

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360° VR panorama of inside the Chapel of Christ the King at Hohenschwangau in Bavaria, Germany. The chapel is situated just to the east of Schloss Hohenschwangau, and was previously used as the castle’s orangery before being converted into a chapel.

The Castle Chapel of Christ the King (Schlosskapelle Christkönig) is designed to be a clear bright space of calm and composure. At the rear of the chapel is a statue of the Virgin Mary (Gottesmutter Maria) holding the baby Jesus. In one hand Jesus holds a globus cruciger (reichsapfel), while his other hand is held up to give a blessing.

By the statue’s feet are a number of lit prayer candles. At the front of the chapel is a wooden altar and an 18th century Tyrolean crucifix. On the walls are a couple of framed religious paintings.

Regular services are held at the chapel, every Friday at 6pm in the summer, or 5pm in the winter.

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