Workshop buildings at abandoned Fukuoka History Town

360° VR panorama of a street of empty buildings in the abandoned Fukuoka Rekishi no Machi History Town (福岡歴史の町骨董村), Japan. Vines grow into a nearby open building, while numerous plants have sprung up on both sides of the street.

Behind the buildings on the south side of the street can be seen the thatched roof of a large building that was used as a teahouse (峠の茶屋). To the east of that is a large building designed to hold a takarabune treasure ship (博多七福神宝船), possibly in the form of a large float. The buildings on the street were used for workshops demonstrating crafts (体験工房).

The theme park was designed to educate visitors about the local history and culture, as well as providing entertainment. There were over 30 buildings offering a variety of displays and activities, with potters, weavers, and paper-makers exhibiting and selling their wares.

It appears that the park partially closed in 2005, with a small section of buildings near the entrance being kept open, selling antiques and pottery. The park was likely closed completely sometime in 2012 or 2013.