St Andrew’s Church, Kiev

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360° VR panorama by St Andrew’s Church (Андріївська церква; Andriyivs’ka tserkva) in Kiev, Ukraine. The Church is built on a hill, overlooking the Podil neighbourhood below. It is held that St. Andrew visited this area in the 1st Century AD and prophesied that it would become a great city. The Church is built on the spot where St. Andrew is said to have erected a cross.

There have been numerous churches built in this location over time. The current building dates from 1754 and was designed by Italian architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli. The roof was badly damaged in a storm in 1815, and was repaired, with the cupolas being replaced in 1825. In 1978 the cupolas on the roof were restored to their original condition based on the original drawings of the architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli.

The street that leads up to St Andrew’s Church is known as Andriyivs’ki descent, and is a popular shopping street for tourists. Traders line the sides of the steep street selling all types of souvenirs.

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