Changdeokgung palace – Gwolnaegaksa

360° VR panorama from the north bridge over Geumcheon stream, which separates the east and west sections of Gwolnaegaksa, in Changdeokgung palace, Seoul, South Korea. Gwolnaegaksa was an area of Changdeokgung where government offices closely involved with the the royal household’s affairs were located.

In the east of Gwolnaegaksa were located Naeuiwon (Royal Pharmacy), Hongmunwan (Office of Special Advisors), and Geomseocheong (Publication Office). While to the west was Gyujanggak (Royal Library) and Bongmodang (Hall of Upholding the Policies of Former Kings). Here you can see Chaekgo, some smaller library buildings located in the north-west of Gwolnaegaksa.

Gwolnaegaksa was destroyed and paved over with roads during the Japanese occupation, the current buildings were restored between 1991 and 2005.

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