Changdeokgung palace – Injeong outer courtyard

360° VR panorama of the outer courtyard area in front of Injeongjeon, the throne hall of Changdeokgung palace. Changdeokgung, located in Seoul, South Korea, was created as a secondary palace by King Taejong in 1405.

To the north is Injeongmun, the gate that leads to the inner courtyard and the throne room. To the east is Sukjangmun gate, while to the west is Jinseonmun gate. The outer courtyard is enclosed by a colonnaded structure that was used for storage and guard posts. To the south, the east part of the colonnaded building is Sangseowon, while the west part is called Howicheong. The section to the north-west, just above Jinseonmun, is Jeongcheong.

Standing nearby are two employees of the palace, which is owned by the South Korean government. At the top of Injeongmun, on the roof ridge, can be seen some copper plum motifs. These were added during the Japanese colonial period.

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